Have you received a postal vote for the EU elections?

If you have, you might be able to help. One person has apparently received one which included a Brexit Party leaflet. Without being Leavist or Remainist, it is being viewed seriously by a QC that any political leaflet was included, so can anyone who got a postal ballot please let me know if theirs included any political party leaflets of any sort? If they did, please don’t just post below. I need to know your constituency (Parliamentary and European), and have photographic evidence of the leaflet included. So please could you email them to me at help@janetanscombe.com. If you had one and chucked it, then please do post below – even anecdotal evidence might be useful because this could be election fraud.


  1. Could not agree more Janet, a full and thorough investigation is essential in order to expose the truth behind the allegation(s). If goverment officials are including this material then they need to be exposed along with anyone else who may be involved in generating fake news (remainers and/or leavers).

  2. So who is this ‘ one person’. Is it Dan Snow?

    Apparently he’s a pro remain supporter ….. Now who would have thought ?

    The piece reports:

    Mr Snow (40), who lives in Lepe, tweeted a picture of the campaign message along with the paperwork sent out by New Forest District Council, the authority responsible for running local votes.

    “I have been away a lot and opened a load of post yesterday,” Mr Snow told the A&T on Monday.

    “I am sure it was in the same envelope. I have no evidence at all though.

    “I would like to check if this is the sign of a wider effort to influence the ballot.”

    He said the election message from the Brexit Party also carried his address.

    An NFDC spokesperson said: “We’re aware of this allegation, our belief is that it is unfounded but we are investigating.”

    1. Author

      Ray, if I had wanted to identify the person I would have done so, and if I didn’t, I certainly won’t just because someone challenges me. All I will say is that my story comes from a QC, a high-ranking lawyer who is a Queen’s Counsel.

      Re the Dan Snow story, though, it is completely irrelevant that he is a Remainer. This, along with my own piece, should be part of a story even if Dan himself had been an ultra No Deal Brexiter who’d received a Bollocks to Brexit leaflet. The whole point is that no promotional pamphlets may be included – as I understand it – with postal votes. Even on a single allegation that one was included, regardless of its colour, an enquiry is essential and I am glad one is being held … and it is to assist that enquiry (which covers more than the Dan Snow story) that I have posted what I did.

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