Head of Security in Fañabé hotel was the thief after all in multiple thefts over past year

National Police have arrested the head of security of a Fañabe hotel for thefts committed over the past year in the very hotel he was guarding. As usual, the 33 year old Spaniard has been identified only by his initials, J.G.A.H., though he is confirmed to be from North Tenerife. Police say they have been investigating the case for the past six months or so, since it was realized that the thefts all had in common the fact that they were from rooms which had been properly locked and which showed no signs of forced entry, and where only part of a sum of money was taken.

The evidence had always pointed to an employee, which eventually proved to be the security chief himself. He has now confessed to a total of 24 thefts, and stolen items which have been recovered include two laptops, four mobile phones, and several bottles of well-known perfumes. The majority of the thefts, however, involved cash, and the Security Chief, who has confessed to the robberies, has said he stole between €200 and €300 a week, the total of his thefts amounting to around €13,000. Canarias24Horas El Dia

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