Heatwave claims its first victim

The heatwave has claimed its first victim, Sanidad confirmed yesterday, as a 74-year-old man died in Gran Canaria. Two others are also in hospital in Gran Canaria suffering with the effects of the heat that is battering the islands. On Wednesday, a young construction worker in Tenerife was admitted to hospital after working outside in full sun, but hospital sources say that his condition is stable.

The high temperatures have also been wreaking havoc for agriculturalists, especially at mid-altitude. Damage is said to be considerable, with heavy crop losses, though these are still being evaluated. Vines, bananas, and potatoes are expected to be badly affected.

AEMet says that the Azores anticyclone responsible for the heatwave will start to move away tomorrow, allowing the trade winds to begin to bring temperatures back to normal, though the process will be slow and take between one and two weeks.  Canarias7

Sanidad confirmed yesterday

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