Temperatures start to cool tomorrow and heatwave alert lifted from Saturday


Update 8 September: We have temperatures up to 34º to get through tomorrow first, but this is the lovely chart that awaits us on Saturday as the alert is lifted and the heat reduces back to normal summer temperatures. In medianías, indeed, tomorrow will already feel quite a bit cooler.

Update 7 September: And now it is extended to Friday for temperatures up to 34º, which hopefully suggests it’s wearing off slightly from Thursday.

Update 6 September: The alert has been extended to Thursday for temperatures up to 35º.


Original post 5 September: Aemet has forecast a heatwave from this Wednesday, 7 September, for Tenerife and the eastern islands. Temperatures up to 34º are expected between 11am and 6pm, and a yellow alert has been issued. As usual, it is possible that this will be extended as the week develops.

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