Heavily pregnant woman assaulted in school doors for asking another mother to stop smoking

A 36-year- old woman, Raquel M.G., is under arrest after brutally attacking a 23-year-old 8-months pregnant woman in Tamaimo, Santiago del Teide on Wednesday. The mother-to-be had asked the detainee to stop smoking in the doors of the school, a request that was met with an assualt and, allegedly, shouts of “I’m going to kill you”.

Various parents at the school tried to restrain the attacker, but it finally took the arrival of the Policía Local to restrain her, though these too received punches and kicks and an attempted bite for their troubles. Eventually, after also kicking out at several parents’ cars, she was manacled and taken into custody. She was ultimately transferred to the psychiatric wing at Candelaria Hospital. Her 4 year old daughter, a pupil at the school, remained at the premises under police care until other family members took her home.

The young pregnant woman meanwhile was clearly in need of attention, lying on the floor and suffering serious stomach pains. A radio-patrol rushed her to the Tamaimo medical centre, where it was decided that she needed to be transferred to hospital. She was taken to hospital in Playa de las Américas, and the last I’ve heard is that she was thought to be about to go into early labour.

The details have been referred to Arona Court 4. PV

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