Rains missed Canaries and fell off African coast

Update 16 August: As though we didn’t know it, there is now official confirmation that the rains and storms forecast for yesterday and today did not affect Tenerife, nor any other of the Canaries. It seems that the rain fell between the African coast and Fuerteventura, short of the islands themselves, and that the weather front then moved northwards. Aemet says that normal weather service is now about to resume.  C24H

Original post 14 August: Rain is forecast for tomorrow and Monday. For Sunday, the forecast is increasing cloud throughout the afternoon and evening, with light showers becoming moderate in the evening, especially in the south. For Monday, cloud tending to clear somewhat during the afternoon, with moderate showers bringing isolated torrential downpours. Aemet has raised an orange alert for these rains, with up to 30mm/30 litres per square metre an hour downpour expected.  Aemet 1, Aemet 2.


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