Helicopter rescue in remote Taucho barranco for paraglider with serious back injuries

A 53-year-old paraglider suffered serious back injuries this afternoon in a fall in the Taucho area of Adeje. The accident happened just before 2.30pm, when emergency services were called out. Due to the difficulty of the terrain, a medical helicopter was dispatched, and paramedics had to be lowered down to the scene of the accident. After the injured man was assisted and stabilized at the scene, he was immobilized on a stretcher and winched into the helicopter which transferred him to the Bomberos helipad in Adeje. From there he was taken to Candelaria Hospital in Santa Cruz by ambulance. The accident comes a day after another paraglider was injured after a bad landing in the Los Olivos area. On that occasion, however, the man was transferred easily to Hospitén Sur where his injuries were described as slight.

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