Spain chooses love duet for the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, in May

Updated 30 January: Adeje’s Agoney will have a great future, that is certain, but it won’t include representing Spain on 12 May in Lisbon for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Out of the final three songs in the second round, one was a power ballad, another a love duet, and another a feminist Latino duet including the other Tenerife singer in the running, Ana Guerra from La Laguna. And in the end, the winning Spanish entry for Eurovision 2018 involved neither Tenerife singer, but was the love duet between Amaia and Alfred, who found love in real life on the show. Congratulations and commmiserations to Agoney and Ana, what a fantastic future they will both have! And congratulations and good luck to Amaia and Alfred! Here’s their song, Tu Canción!

Updated 29 January: Tonight’s the night that Operación Triunfo chooses Spain’s Eurovision entry, and there are two Tenerife singers who could end up representing the country in the contest in Lisbon in May. Watch it on La1 from 9.30pm (10.30 mainland), and maybe vote for either Ana Guerra and Agoney … or both! Details for voting will be unveiled on the programme, and it can be seen online HERE too.

Updated 23 January: And in the end, it was the Lagunera Ana Guerra who became the fifth finalist in this year’s Operación Triunfo. In emotional scenes last night, the two Tinerfeños were treated to enormous applause and tears because the last six had become a great group and no-one wanted any other to leave. But in a surprise announcement, presenter Roberto Leal explained that although Agoney didn’t make the final for the series in the show on 5 February, he will still have a chance to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest.

That decision will be made in the penultimate show next Monday 29 January when nine entries will be aired, and after the first round the three entries with the most public votes will go forward to a second round for public vote, the winner of which will be Spain’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Updated 18 January: At least one Tinerfeño will be in the final of this year’s Operación Triunfo because the two singers up for elimination are the two Tenerife ones … but the survivor will join the other four contestants who are already finalists. Agoney from Adeje and Ana Guerra from La Laguna (and girlfriend of Tenerife’s famous singer Jadel) need your votes. Here are a couple of videos to help you choose … though I myself will be voting for Agoney! The details of how to vote are in the original post below.


Original post 7 January:

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, has joined the campaign to help 21-year-old Adeje singer Agoney win Operación Triunfo, a show on La1 that’s similar to the BBC’s old Fame Academy. The winner will represent Spain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, the first time the country has been host after it won last year in Kiev, Ukraine, with Amar pelos dois, the gorgeously simple love song written by Luisa Sobral and performed by her brother, Salvador Sobral.

This year, could Spain do it? And if it can, could it be an Adejero who does it? Mayor Fraga says:

Adejeros and Adejeras, this time, more than ever, we need to show our unity and help a young Adejero fulfill his dream. Agoney has been in the “Operación Triunfo” musical competition for two months, giving it his all to be one of the five finalists to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. This week, Agoney is nominated [for eviction from the academy], and he needs our votes to save him. His talent has gone beyond our borders thanks to his performance as St John in Adeje’s beloved Passion Play, and he has contributed to our popular imagination in a multitude of concerts, plays and galas as well. Adeje’s 21st century cultural life could not be comprehended without Agoney. It was also he who composed the carol – Here’s to Solidarity – that wished all Adejeros Merry Christmas last year. For all this and so much more, let’s get together and vote for Agoney to save him so that he can continue in the Academy. Let’s help this young talent with the final push he needs to reach the place he deserves in our country’s musical scene. He has faith in us all and I am convinced we will not let him down.

The show has five more weeks to run, and there are various ways to vote, through text message or official programme app, and the details of these are HERE.


  1. I have just listened and I agree entirely. No room for journalistic neutrality here. Viva Adeje! Viva Agoney!

  2. Oh Janet. You are unashamedly biased!

    1. Author

      Doesn’t happen often! 😀 but just listen to the videos!!! It’s obvious … to me … 😀

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