Highest wine tasting in Spain on Saturday evening in Tenerife

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

At €60 per person, it’s not an everyday experience perhaps, but then ago, it’s not going to be an everyday experience in any case! The highest wine tasting in Spain will be held at a height of over 3,500m on Teide for the second time this Saturday evening, 19 March. The event is organized by the Tenerife Cabildo through the Casa del Vino, and Cabildo Vice President and Agriculture councillor Jesús Morales said that it was a unique event for tourists and residents alike to try out one of Tenerife’s most famous products in the inredible environment of Las Cañadas.

There will be a range of wines to taste, from the malvasias which have been famous for centuries, to newly produced wines which have won international acclaim. A wine expert will be on hand to offer information and advice, and the Cabildo says that participants will go up in the Teleférico and enjoy their wine tasting while watching the sunset from the mirador of Pico Viejo, seeing the shadow of Teide projected on the sea of clouds. And all while the snow still sparkles on the ground. It sounds poetic, and it probably will be!

The excursion is available to all except those under 18 years of age, pregnant women, and those with respiratory or cardiac problems. The price includes transport for those who would like it from Santa Cruz and La Laguna, though participants could also drive to the Teleférico base station to meet the group if they prefer. Participants are advised to wear comfortable and warm clothing, walking shoes, and sun glasses, and to bring drinking water. There is more information on the Volcano Teide page HERE.


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  1. It sounds wonderful, but without buses from the south, the designated driver should get a large discount…

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