Historical reenactment “gesta del 25 Julio 1797″ on 8 June in San Miguel

Update 7 June: I thought I’d update this because I now have the poster in English, and because it’s tomorrow in San Miguel for any history or military buffs, or those who were looking for something to do over the weekend …

Original post 5 June: 25 July, 1797. Mean anything? Horatio Nelson … mean anything now? We grow up with the idea of Nelson as a paradigmatic symbol of British greatness, and particularly of utter British naval supremacy, so much so that we perhaps stop questioning the image of the one-armed admiral. Of course, here in Tenerife, it is a different story, and they know very well how and where he lost his arm – in the battle of Santa Cruz, on 25 July, 1797.

The defeat, in Nelson’s terms, was unusual, but in Canarian terms, the victory was immense. It is still celebrated, and there are historical reenactments all over Tenerife to commemorate the day. The biggest one is in Santa Cruz, but for those in the south who don’t want to travel north, there will be one in San Miguel on Saturday 8 June, starting at noon, and following the route in the following map. Below the map I’ve also posted a video from a Santa Cruz reenactment to give a flavour.


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