Historical Russian frigate Shtandart in San Miguel

Photo copyright Sir Old Golfer Photography
Copyright Sir Old Golfer Photography

The Russian replica frigate ” Shtandart ” has arrived at San Miguel marina, and at 12 midday on Saturday 1 February it will launch a salvo in honour of the town. Several local dignitaries will be present, and there will be guided tours of the ship. It will be in San Miguel marina until 14 February.

It was Tsar Peter the Great  himself who designed the frigate in 1703, and it was the flagship of his fleet , combining the dominant English and Dutch shipbuilding styles of the era. The Shtandart continued in service until 1719 , when Peter decreed that the ship would be preserved forever as testimony to its history and a monument to the art of shipbuilding. But in 1727 , while the vessel was being restored, an accident shattered the Shtandart. Almost 300 years later, Peter’s vision was realised, and the ship was rebuilt as a floating museum. The whole project is described the ship’s website HERE.



  1. Can we just turn up for a guided tour or is it necessary to book? I can find nothing about tours on their website.

  2. Author

    I am not certain, Liz, but I believe you can just turn up … I’ve not seen anything about needing to book.

  3. You are always welcome to visit us on board when we are in a port and the crew is happy to answer your questions.

    To join us for a 7-days trip around the Islands you can fill in the application form on our website:

    On 22nd February ‘Shtandart’ is planning the last voyage in Canaries before returning back to Northern Europe.

  4. Can you please let me know what time the Shtandart leaves San Miguel Marina on 14th Feb. Thanks.

  5. Author

    Please check the ship’s website, or see Els’ comment immeditaely above. I’m afraid I don’t have detail about its schedule.

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