Hoax bomb threat against both TFN and TFS airports was made in name of ETA

It has transpired that the bomb threat was made by a man who rang 112 claiming to be speaking on behalf of the Basque separatist terrorist group ETA. The caller said that bombs had been planted in both TFN Los Rodeos and TFS Reina Sofia. Although TFN was closed, “a range of other measures” which have not been specified were taken in TFS. Police are still trying to trace the caller, and know that he was based in Tenerife when he made the hoax call. La Opinion

Originally posted yesterday, 3 August: Panic and paralysis struck Los Rodeos (TFN), Tenerife’s north airport, at 10am this morning when a bomb threat was received. For nearly forty minutes Guardia Civil and National Police closed the airport and all access points under orders from the Canarian Government. The threat was finally deemed to have been a hoax. Canarias7

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