Hoaxers cause evacuation of Gran Sur with false bomb threat

Updated 28 March: Arona Ayuntamiento has confirmed reports, again in Diario de Avisos, that new bomb threats were received today about an explosive device in the Zentral cinema complex in Playa de las Américas. The theory seems to be that this is a copycat crime, rather than directly connected with the threat about the Gran Sur on Sunday, but again for safety’s sake the complex was evacuated. Police have traced the call to the Guía de Isora area.

Original post 27 March: Hoaxers thought it was a good idea to call the police this afternoon with bomb threats in Tenerife. Diario de Avisos has reported how a bomb warning was made to emergency services, followed by two more calls to the National Police. At first, the bomb was said to be in El Fraile, but later in the Gran Sur commercial centre, while laughter was heard in the background on all three calls. Police were sure that it was a hoax call, but together with the centre’s director, decided for safety’s sake to evacuate the Gran Sur. A thorough search revealed nothing, as expected. Police say that under article 561 of the Código Penal, making hoax calls and causing emergency services to be dispatched is a crime which carries a possible prison sentence of up to a year.


  1. Be interesting to see who they are and where they come from, strange behaviour

  2. Disgusting behave. They should be seriously punished. To teach them a lesson.

  3. Abhorrent behaviour from immature children, here’s hoping they will be exposed and disciplined accordingly.

  4. The penalty for hoax calls should be the same as that for genuine threats.

  5. Should be more than a year. The sheer panic and distress those people must have gone through. It’s absolutely disgusting with what is going on in the world that people would do this just for a laugh

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