Holi Mela Festival of Colours in Plaza de la Caleta this Sunday

Holi Mela Festival of Colours in Plaza de la Caleta this Sunday

The annual Holi Mela Festival of Colours in Adeje will be this Sunday, 4 March, in the Plaza de La Caleta (the main parking behind the La Caleta cultural centre and bus stop as the main road enters the village itself) between 12 noon and 6pm. As always there will be music, dance, entertainments, and above all, colour, in a living and colourful prime example of the convivencia which has become Adeje’s byword. The event is organized by the Tenerife South Hindu Association, and is getting more popular each year with tourists and residents alike. It is part of Adeje’s Happy Streets initiative, and there is a full website HERE of all the leisure activities and events that it comprises.



  1. I know the Holi Mela Festival has been and gone but exactly where is Plaza Fañabe please. We have seen all of the photos in the Spanish newspapers and would like to go next year.

  2. Author

    It’s in Fañabe village rather than down on the coast. It’s the main square in Fañabe – as you drive up to the village with Hiperdino on your right, the plaza is there at the top.

  3. Thank you Janet…will look out for next years date on you blog.

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