Holiday rental petition being handed into Canarian president

Alotca was speaking to Doris Borrego Reyes yesterday, the founder of what used to be the Plataforma por la Regulación del Alquiler Vacacional (pressure group for the regulation of holiday rental), but which is now a formal Spanish association, ASCAV – the Asociación Canaria del Alquiler Vacacional (Canarian association of holiday rental). As I’ve said before, we have different ideas, but a very similar aim and some time ago agreed mutual support.

As such, I’m pleased to say that Doris has a meeting with Canarian President Paulino Rivero this lunchtime to hand over the petition she has been collecting signatures for: she has nearly 20,000, together with nearly 150 “manifestos” of support from businesses – I signed one on behalf of Alotca in yesterday’s meeting.

Good luck to Doris in today’s meeting. We’ve been there, of course, ourselves, with political meetings at the highest level. The government  is making the usual noises of “looking at the situation”. At present, as I’ve posted before, the government is drawing up the reglamento (interpretation of the detail) for the new tourism legislation which came into force around this time last year. They say they will revisit the legislation in the middle of this year. We are still hopeful that there will be some movement towards accommodating private owners, legalising independent villas and regulating sole agency provisions. I’ll update, of course, as and when there’s anything specific to report.



  1. Author

    Yes, as I’ve said many times. The situation is that any talk of “looking at” the possibility of “regulating the sector” runs into two huge problems. First, it is already “regulated” in the sense that private holiday letting is illegal. How much more “regulated” can it be? What is needed is a change to the regulation that exists.
    The second problem is that when Turismo or the government “looks at” the issue, they are doing so from the absolutely explicit standpoint of “protecting the legal sector”. That is “legal” under existing legislation. In other words, tightening up the existing system. This is why Alotca have decided the way forward is negotiation and discussion with government, tourism agencies, businesses, etc., rather than a frontal attack on an entrenched defensive position.
    As I’ve said for some time now, the government is on record as saying that it will revisit the new legislation after a year, a year during which it has been consulted on and the reglamento has been drawn up (is still being drawn up, I understand). In a few months at most, therefore, we will know what they intend. Having said all that, the petition cannot harm if it keeps the pressure up and we can always hope!

  2. THIS article in yesterday’s Diariodeavisos would suggest Snr de La Puente isn’t for turning any time soon !
    He is backing Turismo and Ashotel to the hilt ?

  3. Hello Janet
    Many thanks for the update on the New Tourism Laws, hopefully they will eventually be redrafted and the interpretations clarified.

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