Home deliveries in a time of covid19

A wonderful initiative this. Of course it is for their own benefit – but it helps us too, and they cannot sell anything if they cannot open, and we cannot buy if we can’t leave the house. Have a look HERE – choose your area, and find those businesses which will do home deliveries, of all sorts! 


  1. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for all your updates during this time. We run a family business, which includes imported foods and a minimarket, which like most businesses died over night when tourism stopped, but we have been running an online shop for over 10 years, again this was mainly for tourists, but since the lockdown we have changed or focus to the online, we deliver to the South and West of the island. Our website is http://www.bestbuystenerife.com
    Please take a look

  2. Hi janet
    I have a small cafe
    Full of food
    Can i enter to get it
    As I have no money
    All my stock Is going out of date.
    Any advise would be helpful
    Thank you.

    1. Author

      You can go to your premises, and you can even deliver food, but you can’t allow the public in. Speak to your gestor or asesor who will have full details for you but food supplies are considered an essential service.

  3. Hi Janet. Do you know if they have tightened the rules around going to our Allotment? We have loads of produce up there which needs picking/looking after.

    1. Author

      Food production is one of the essential services so I cannot see any official objecting to your visiting it for that purpose.

  4. Great very helpful, thanks Janet

  5. I have taken advantage of these home deliveries from Superfoods
    Tenerife, excellent, all came following day and better than driving to supermarket. Excellent quality and their basic pack was amazing value! Good range of various items too. Will certainly use again.
    PENELOPE / valle san lorenzo

  6. Great initiative by some thank you Janet – but households will be running out of general hardware stuff generally not available in ” local” supermarkets and with so much enforced indoor time – blokes could be less stir crazy if we could ” put up some shelves” / touch up paintwork etc etc ! Tragic numbers universally – holding onto the glimmer of positivity. Keep safe and well Janet – hopefully you are able to comply ” up in the hills” .

    1. Author

      That is the whole point of my posting this initiative – households will be able to order general hardware stuff. Exactly the point!

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