Homecare Abona, a new medical and personal help service for Tenerife

(edit 7 Sept: comments disabled because it is pointless contacting me for carer services. Anyone interested in employing this company needs to speak to them direct).

I quite often get asked if I know about home care for the elderly, ill or disabled, and so I’m pleased to hear of a new service, Homecare Abona S.L., a fully legal company set up in May and based in the Winter Gardens, Golf Del Sur. Its owner, Jeanette Taylor, has a UK company which has been operating there since 1993, meeting all standards set by Care Quality Commission (CQC) and by the NHS as a preferred provider of palliative care. There is no doubt that the same standards are now available here in Tenerife.

Homecare Abona can provide short term or continuous help, and say they can provide solutions to almost any condition, from personal care e.g. maintaining cleanliness, assistance to get up daily either by equipment or  manually, to medication management, nutritional assistance,  and domestic home help to people of all ages. They can also facilitate respite care, and even repatriation and assisted travel. Their “Reablement Service” is an integrated range of supports for the promotion of independence and faster recovery from illness. It aims to prevent unnecessary acute hospital admission, support timely discharge from hospital, and maximise independent living.

So, aything from respite care, to domestic help, to assistance after a time in hospital. medication assistance, moving and handling during immobility, meal making, attending hospital/doctors appointments including a translation service, to palliative care and repatriation in extremis. This is a comprehensive service from a management team who have British qualifications in Child care, Health and Social care and Customer Services, whilst care staff have NVQ qualifications, again from the UK, in Health and Social care. Medical assistance is specifically provided by or overseen by staff with UK nursing qualifications. All staff are employed directly by the company.

In the first instance, anyone needing help can contact them by telephone, email or via the web site. They then arrange to meet the person at the Golf del Sur office or another place of their choice, with or without a representative. All information discussed is confidential, any records held are protected as per data protection regulations. Jeanette Taylor says that “at the initial meeting we listen to what the customer needs, provide advice and agree a plan of care which becomes the Support plan that all staff, doctors or any other interested professional may need to make use of.”

The website for Homecare Abona is www.homecareabona.es, and their UK website is www.homecaremellor.co.uk.




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