Horse-drawn tourist carriages banned in Arona

The horse-drawn carriage carrying tourists through Playa de Las Américas has now passed into history. After more than ten years offering rides to visitors, albeit with “questionable licence”, the concejal de Seguridad del Ayuntamiento de Arona, Manuel Reverón has confirmed that the service has now been made illegal. Sr Reverón said that the two businesses which run the service do not comply with requirements; he added that there had, in any case, been complaints about them, above all from taxi drivers.

The president of Radiotaxis Arona, Juan José Rodríguez Dorta, has confirmed that the carriages are considered by taxi firms to be unfair competition, operating without approved vehicles and the necessary permissions. Animal rights were of concern to some too, who thought it cruelty to drive the horses on tarmac. They argue that such maltreatment damages the touristic image of south Tenerife. Some, however, might see the familiar and colourful carriages’ disappearance in Arona itself as harming that image. It surely won’t help the municipality given that neighbouring Adeje has two routes for carriages, which operate under licence and bring around €11,000 a year into Ayuntamiento coffers.


  1. What a thoroughly stupid decision. The “Kings of the road” Taxi Drivers appear to rule this island. Arona is intent on killing its tourism. I am in a state of disbelief.
    In a country where animal rights are less than poor, to say the least, how on earth can they qualify stopping them for that reason.
    The sightseeing balloon has gone, they destroyed old Los Cristianos and now another touch of quaintness is thrown away.
    Stupid stupid people in offices with nothing better to do!

  2. What a load of crap this country is turning into a ” Nanny State” when are we going to stand up and say NO what are the powers that be going to think of next. Can’t sunbath with out the ” Approiate license “. We can’t rent our houses bars and restaurants are closing down all over due to the all inclusive hotels. And now you can’t have a ride on a horse drawn carrage. Sorry but it’s a holiday experience and some fun not interfering with the taxi’s.. I think they are lovely and a lovely extra for tourists. What’s next hey????

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