El Duque hotels group teams up with exclusive American private jet service to offer tailored and sustainable luxury

Photo: Hotel Bahía del Duque.

The owners of the hotels Bahía del Duque and Las Villas have joined up with private jet company Private Jet Services Group (PJS), the first private aviation company in America with a zero carbon footprint, to commit to a fundamentally sustainable package to “expand our extraordinary service proposition to ensure an even higher level of guest satisfaction” explained Francisco Javier Zamorano, CEO of the Group Tais Hotels & Villas in Tenerife.

The idea is that membership benefits such as complimentary onboard catering offered by PJS will be extended to guests of The Tais Hotels & Villas. “As the world of travel opens up again, our mission as PJS is to take the guesswork out of an already uncertain time in our world”, CEO of PJS Greg Raiff said, adding that the company looked forward “to working closely with The Tais Hotels & Villas to create an elevated and comprehensive travel experience for leisure and business travellers alike.”

This new agreement feeds into the Canarian Government’s drive to appeal to gastrononomic and other niche markets, all with the clearest eye to sustainability. In the future, with this agreement and no doubt others like it in months and years to come, guests will be able to book exclusive hotel packages with unique flights from some of the world’s most select cities such as New York, Moscow, London, Geneva or Frankfurt, all heading in luxury style to the warm welcome awaiting them here.

For the moment, they will be heading for the Bahía del Duque in Costa Adeje, with its pretty spectacular botanical backdrop and stunning early 19th century Canarian architectural style including colonial-style rooms and bright and fresh suites designed with high quality materials and tasteful decor. As Zamorano says, the delivery of “highly personalised experiences and creating memories that last a lifetime for our guests has always been our top priority. It was only natural to partner with Private Jet Services, whose service philosophy aligns perfectly with ours”. This is the direction we are heading in, with key words like experiences, memories, sustainabiilty, quality, tasteful, personalised, and luxury, however much some still see us as a destination of the 1970s and 80s.