Householders in Adeje can now dispose of their used domestic oil in council-supplied containers

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Check with your own Ayuntamiento if you’re not in Adeje … this is going to be repeated elsewhere, and if it isn’t, we can start calling for them.

Adeje Ayuntamiento has started to install containers for local residents to dispose of their used domestic oil. The council says that it’s the first phase of an operation which will end up with such facilities throughout the municipio. Works and Services councillor Esther Rivero Vargas announced the details of the project and outlined that the council was working towards reducing its carbon footprint as well as trying to mitigate problems caused by drain blockages. Around 98% of the oil deposited is thought to be suitable for conversion into biodiesel, so generating an ecological fuel from household waste.

Residents wishing to dispose of their cooking oil should pour it into bottles, preferably plastic (the original container, for example), at least not glass since this will shatter causing the oil to spill, contaminate the containers, and create an environmental problem for which this system is meant to be a solution. The council says that containers will be placed in different parts of the borough with this first phase seeing 16 containers placed in the locations detailed below (yes I know there are only 14 actual locations), some beside recycling containers, others near rubbish containers and the underground recycling units. The public should deposit their bottles of used domestic oil in these containers.

Zone Street
1 Adeje casco Calle piedra Redonda (public parking area)
2 Adeje casco Calle Manuel Bello Ramos (underground containers)
3 El Galeón Calle la Botavara (beside CC El Galeón)
4 Las Torres Calle Bentinerfe (beside the  ITV station)
5 Fañabé Calle Isla de Lanzarote (beside the supermarket)
6 Tijoco Calle La Milagrosa (exit crossroads)
7 Armeñime Calle Agustín Millares (in front of the BP petrol station)
8 Los Menores Carretera General TF-82 (in front of Dama Rosa restaurant)
9 Miraverde Calle Eucalipto (rubbish zone)
10 El Madroñal Avenida El Madroñal (recycling point by the park)
11 Callao Salvaje Calle La Zahorra (recycling point)
12 Playa Paraíso Avenida Playa Paraíso ( recycling point )
13 Torviscas Calle Galicia ( recycling point )
14 La Caleta Aparcamientos públicos ( recycling point and compactor)