How to find out when you can return to Tenerife

I don’t know why but I’ve had several almost identical queries today asking how someone can find out when they can return to Spain. Something’s going on and these enquirers have obviously not been looking at existing posts …

So, if you would like to find out when you can return to Spain, I can tell you that at present you may not enter Spain unless you are a legal resident – which means being registered with the police as a resident in Spain and being in possession of a green Certificado de Registro. You will also have to be carrying the original of your green Certificado de Registro even if someone’s aunt’s neighbour’s brother’s friend heard from someone here that they came in with a photocopy of an old NIE, nothing more … .

Of course Spanish nationals may enter as well, as can diplomatic corps, cross border workers (Gibraltar), medical personnel connected with the outbreak, essential supplies importers etc. The majority of people wanting to come into Spain, however, do not fall into these categories and so, for them, Spain’s borders are closed.

When the Government decides to open Spanish airspace to non-Spaniards and non-(legal)residents, it will tell us, and advise us of any restrictions, whether of certain countries of origin, or what if any hygiene or quarantine measures might be imposed. At the moment, there are no measures because visitors may not enter Spain. And the Government has not yet announced any plan to decide to open Spanish airspace any further than the current border controls.

So the only way to find out when it will be possible to come back to Spain is to wait for the announcement that will tell you. 


  1. Diana
    I know your british but i rang the Irish consulate for you and Denise if his name is on the water or elect. It might help him scan it to him

  2. Diana
    Maybe bring the original to the police station they might give you a letter that they have seen it and ther stamp and scan it to him

  3. Janet, you have the patience of a saint! I think that many of us here waiting endlessly for… (insert the ‘f’ word..) and who were planning to return later in the year are wondering if we might be better off all around staying on in case we can’t get back. And anyway, the hairdressers are open!

    1. Author

      ok I’m going to close this now. There are only two things people need to take away from this – and alternative suggestions and further similar questions are futile! Those two things are:

      * that we do not know when anyone other than non-Spaniards or legal residents will be allowed to enter Spain, and
      * that people must carry the original Certificado de Registro to be sure of being allowed to get on the plane in the UK or get off the plane in Tenerife … because it is the ONLY document that proves legal residence. It doesn’t matter how many other pieces of paper of however many other sorts can be produced in original or copy form, only the Registro shows that the person has registered with the police and that is the only thing that provides legality of residence in Spain for foreigners.

      That is all!

  4. Please can you advise….my husband Alan Hall is due to arrive back here in Tenerife on sat.9th May.He is a British national travelling with a british passport,and has residencia in spain.however he has only a photocopy of his residencia with him as his original certificate is here in our home. will he be allowed in?

    1. Author

      well as I posted above he will need the original. I’m sorry but I can’t just keep repeating the same information time and again! I posted this to try to end such questions!

      Of course it is conceivable that someone with a copy on their phone or a photocopy of a Registro will be allowed to board in the UK, and then guards here will ask crew if they checked and then let passengers off without a second check. That is conceivable. That is as far as one can say. It is therefore up to passengers as to whether to take the risk of booking a flight, getting to the airport, waiting to board, and then being told no sorry you need the original. Not for me to say! All I can actually say is that official instructions are that a traveller must be in possession of a Certificado de Registro and carrying the original!

      It really doesn’t matter how many times anyone asks, this answer is not going to change!

  5. Janet Is the crystal ball cloudy today, why don’t you know when tourists can return, why, why, why? If we/you knew the answers to these questions we could be worth lots of money, lottery every week etc. God alone knows what the future holds for us all. It’s all a game of wait and see – meanwhile those of us here on the island can enjoy the peace and quiet!!

  6. Hi,we are hoping to come out to Tenerife for a holiday in October
    Do you think it will happen
    many thanks
    keep safe
    john friend

    1. Author

      No-one can know that, John! That is exactly why I posted this, to tell people it is pointless asking, and to ask them to stop asking and wait for the announcement!

  7. Thank you for all of the information, whilst we own property we do not have a green resident card therefore it is important to know when we can return.
    Once again thank you

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