How to get registered on the state health service in Tenerife if you’re legally resident, pre-retirement, with private medical insurance here and no healthcare elsewhere

A friend who has been resident here for more than five years, registered with the police and on the local padrón, pre-retirement age, with private insurance and no eligibility in the UK to the NHS because not resident in the UK, has now been able to register with the state health system. The first main advantage of course will be that she and her husband will now almost instantly be eligible for the vaccine, and she has very kindly written the following straightforward guide to help anyone else in the same position get registered with the state system here. You will note that The One Stop Problem Shop is referenced … and I wholeheartedly endorse Diana McGowan’s website for confirmed informtion on administrative processes like healthcare, pensions, contributions etc.

Steps to getting on the Canarian health care system

  1. I phoned the NHS Business Services Authority (+44 (0)191 218 1999) to ask for a letter stating that the UK is not the responsible authority for my healthcare. After answering a few questions, they agreed to send me a letter. It arrived in about 10 days, in English and in Spanish.
  1. Next I checked with The One Stop Problem Stop to make sure I met the criteria to get on the Spanish system:
  1. Then I downloaded and filled in the required form, (Solicitud de reconocimiento del derecho a la asistencia sanitaria), from a link on the above site: Note I was told to fill it in for myself, and once approved, to use the same form to add my spouse as a beneficiary.
  1. And then I went to this link to submit the required documents: Along with the above form I submitted my TIE, passport, empadronamiento certificate and letter from the NHS. I made sure to name my files very clearly with my NIE and name. Fortunately no digital signature is required.
  1. After waiting two days, my approval certificate was sent to me by email, and I took it to register at my local surgery. I was given a paper copy of my card and told to return the following week to pick up the card itself, which I did.
  1. The next step was adding my spouse as a dependent. I filled in the same form as above but ticked the box for a dependent. When I submitted the application online it would only let me attach 5 files. I got an email from INSS saying that they needed my TIE, and passport for the application. In my reply I added them and my empadronamiento as well. The following morning they sent the approval so we can get him registered at the surgery.