TF5 closed by hillside collapse near Los Realejos will reopen this coming Monday

Photo: Carreteras.

Updated 12 June: Cabildo’s Roads Councillor Enrique Arriaga has announced that the lane in the direction of Santa Cruz which has remained closed on the TF5 affected by the Los Realejos rockfall will be open to traffic this coming Monday, 15 June. The road will be fully operational again, Arriaga has confirmed.  

Updated 1 June: Cabildo’s Roads Councillor Enrique Arriaga says that the dynamic barrier is expected any moment so that it can be put in place to shore up the lower part of the banking. Once that’s done, Arriaga says, the TF5 carriageway towards Santa Cruz can be opened, something he hopes will happen as soon as possible.  

Updated 28 May: The Cabildo’s Roads Councillor Enrique Arriaga has announced that the westbound carriage of the TF5 heading towards Icod de los Vinos will reopen through tomorrow night ready for use Saturday morning. Arriaga confirmed that for the time being, the eastbound lane will remain closed with the detour via TF-342 remaining in place. It appears that a type of dynamic barriers is required but unavailable at present, and an order has been placed with delivery anticipated next week. Sadly, patience is needed a little while longer, the Roads Councillor explained.

Updated 22 May: Cabildo Roads Councillor Enrique Arriaga has said this afternoon that one stage of the repairs to the hillside that collapsed and closed the TF5 near Los Realejos has been completed. Arriaga confirmed that the upper barrier has now been finished and that therefore the road will be able to open next week in the direction of Icod. Clearly works to allow the road to reopen fully are continuing meanwhile.   

Original post 19 May: It’s been responsible over the past couple of weeks for frustration and isolation beyond anything a pandemic lockdown could achieve but now, they hope, the TF5 near Los Realejos might be able to reopen in the not too distant future. The problem started when two major rockfalls on 6 and 7 May at the El Mirador tunnel not only blocked the road but came pretty close to costing at least one life.

At least the roads have been less busy than usual over the period, though that’s been of small comfort to those who’ve been isolated by the closure and lengthy detours, but now works are being assisted by a huge crane brought in to help the teams who have been clambering all over the 200m high hillside trying to shore it up and stabilize it to avoid any more collapses.

The following video shows the huge crane as Cabildo Roads Councillor Enrique Arriaga explains what the works entail and how they’re proceeding.

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