Huge success for Guardia Civil in breaking up “extreme violence” Eastern European gang

The Guardia Civil, in an operation codenamed Anatolia, have had a huge success over the past few days with the breaking up of a group of Eastern Europeans operating in south Tenerife. The gang, composed of 3 Romanians and 2 Kosovans, all between 28 and 39 years of age, was planning to attack houses of the wealthy in Tenerife.

The gang’s frightening plans arose from their frustration at the increased security put in place by businesses anticipating an attack in the wake of robberies committed by the group in commercial premises. They are known to have carried out at least 16 burglaries over the last few months which netted them around €160,000 and jewellery.

With their profits decreasing, however, they were planning to raid dwellings with their wealthy owners at home, and to use a method they called “Boom Japca”, a Romanian name indicating an assault of severe and extreme violence intended to ensure a rapid handover of money and items of value.

Given the way in which these thugs were operating, with hidden caches of clothes, hired cars, and fake IDs, let alone their propensity for extraordinary violence, this is a huge result for the Guardia Civil. It has not only cleared up a considerable number of robberies, but has also managed to pre-empt what appear to have been the most terrifying of plans for their future assaults.  DA

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