Human limbs found ablaze in Santa Cruz

Update 26 November: It transpires that these body parts, and it now seems body organs too, were “surplus to requirements” in a private hospital. Although public hospitals send such things to Candelaria hospital for incineration, private hospitals are supposed to send them to a crematorium for incineration, but the parts had been placed in cylindrical plastic tubes which the crematorium was not allowed to burn. Police say that they think the responsibility lies with the business that manages the Santa Lastenia cemetary in Santa Cruz, and that this is not the first time this has happened.

Original post 25 November: Burnt human limbs have been found on a piece of land in the El Mayorazgo area of Santa Cruz. Police are working, at least initially, on the hypothesis that they are amputations from private hospitals. A local made the gruesome discovery after noticing a large bonfire and upon investigating found that it appeared to be human limbs that were burning. He called the emergency services and bomberos attended to scene to extinguish the fire, along with the Homicide Group and Scientific Brigade of the National Police to carry out initial investigations. No doubt there will be more information on this case in days to come.

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