Iceland stores help the fight against selfish and reckless shoppers intent on flouting the State of Emergency

Shoppers at Iceland supermarkets in Tenerife might find it harder to flout the rules about shopping in pairs from now on. Despite the State of Emergency being in place, and despite it being made crystal clear by all authorities that only one may go out at a time and only one may shop at a time (with very limited exceptions), some still feel able to flout the rules wth complete disregard for their own, and more importantly everyone else’s, safety.

One shopper today has reported confronting two couples in an Iceland store in south Tenerife. The first clearly knew they were breaking the rules but the second became abusive. This despite the fact that the stores have been doing their best to put out announcements stating that only one person per household should be shopping.

Now, thanks to these reckless and selfish shoppers, Iceland has promised to clamp down. In response to a request for a comment, the Las Chafiras manager said:

I’m sorry to hear this happened to one of our customers. Yes we do announce on the instore radio that only one car therefore only one person to shop at a time. I will reiterate the messege to all the stores in Tenerife and ensure this is challenged in future. We also have a supply of gloves and sanitiser available to every customer and sanitiser throughout the day to combat the virus in our stores.

The store is doing its bit. Now its customers must do the same. And if they won’t voluntarily, Iceland will make them. Thank you Overseas Supermarkets!


  1. I was extremely impressed by the control at Overseas Foods (Iceland) in Los Cristianos. One in, one out – single shoppers only – hand sanitisers & all shoppers given gloves. All staff wearing protective masks & gloves and 2m between customers at the till. Extremely professional.

  2. It seems Iceland were just late to the party. Visiting Iceland Adeje on Monday I was amazed to see the cashier handling notes and coin without gloves. There was certainly no restrictions, notices or sanitisers at that time.

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