Icod de los Vinos upgrades water infrastructure to provide long-called for improvements to public supply

Icodemsa, the municipal water company in Icod de los Vinos, has carried out a range of works to improve the water supply network in several areas of the municipality and correct what the council calls “historical faults”. The improvements have been demanded by locals complaining about both their supply and its lack of pressure, as well as frequent outages. Repairs have focused on the parts of the network with longstanding problems, such as Santa Barbara, Playa San Marcos, Las Canales, La Centinela, Los Piquetes,  and Cruz del Camino. Works include the installation of new networks on the Camino Bencomia/Ramallo and the rehabilitation of El Pedregal’s supply. The council says that it hopes the works will have successfully expanded supply capacity as well as renewing and modernizing the network with the replacement of old pipes. Water pressure levels have been checked with controls established to correct possible leaks, and guaranteeing the correct and optimum supply of water to residents.


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