IGN announces tremor in Teide national park

Image courtesy of IGN

IGN has announced a tremor of 2.2 on the Richter Scale in the Teide national park. The tremor, small in real terms, was registered just after 6.30 this morning. What makes it worth real mention is that it was very close to the surface, at a depth of just 2 km.


  1. Janet. Thx for logging this on your site. I hope this does not presage more of the same, similar to what scared the pants off islanders during 2005 (or thereabouts). I will be keeping an eye on this, considering the recent 3 point something quake between Tenerife and Grand Canaria.

  2. Author

    Was 2004 – the year we moved over!!

  3. Good to know that Teide has settled down. This is my first time back to Puerto in over 40yrs., bring my husband this time. Do not want a rock road.

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