Important new e-resource for Tenerife you need to know about: The Tenerife Guide Online

I don’t normally make what could be termed promotional posts, but there is a new website that looks as if it will turn out to be a marvellous resource, bringing all Tenerife-based businesses and opinions together in one easy-to-access form. It’s The Tenerife Guide Online, and I’m delighted to see my own page on there already (HERE), but it’s not for this reason that I think it’s so good! The site provides direct access to so many people who know Tenerife extremely well that, together with The Tenerife Forum, it will offer everything anyone needs to find out all about Tenerife.

If anyone has a Tenerife-oriented website, I’m sure the team will be delighted to hear from you … just look at who’s already on board on THIS forum thread! I’m really pleased that this has come to my notice, and I wish them all success with it.

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