Improvements to upgrade Calle Valencia have started

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Calle Valencia, the road running down the side of Sunset Harbour in Costa Adeje, has long needed upgrading, and now Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that works have begun and will be on-going throughout the year. Councillor for Works and Services Carmen Rosa González Cabrera said that the council have had a number of “meetings with the local businesses in the zone to outline the project details and address any questions or doubts they may have. In general the response has been very positive and we are dealing with an area that is quite old and needs attention to bring it up to the standards of a destination of the calibre of Costa Adeje”.

The works will be co-financed by Adeje Ayuntamiento and the Tenerife Cabildo, and are part of the plans to regeneration tourist areas. The council says that in the end the street will be realigned with all elements on one level, green spaces will be improved, and street benches renovated, etc. González Cabrera said that “experts agreed the zone has a number of problems which need to be addressed, in particular because access to the street from Avenida Ernesto Sarti is a bottleneck with large vehicles such as buses in the zone, and this area will now incorporate improved access for buses and service vehicles to improve traffic fluidity at the bottom of the road, where the roundabout will also be upgraded.

There will also be a pathway along the planted space with plans to construct a playground. The existing rubbish hut will be demolished and in its place a circular building will be placed, with its back to the street and using odour extractors to avoid public discomfort. The commercial front will be expanded and separated from the path by a planted section which will also offer shade. And finally the streets will also have lighting, telecommunications, drainage and sewage networks etc, installed. In line with current legislation, the street will also incorporate access to those with special mobility needs.




  1. When will the stretch of road between ocean park and san Eugenia centre be refurbished. The pavements are in a terrible state, as is the road!

    1. Author

      complain to the council, it has a direct effect, especially if a group of you from the same road complain.

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