Increasingly vocal demands for changes to junction area where little boy was killed

There are increasingly vocal calls today for some action to be taken about the junction where the little Irish boy was killed by a car the other evening. Road safety organization Tenerife Vial says that there are no pedestrian crossings in the area, and Spanish language social media has been strident in its criticism both of driving practices generally and the lack of traffic signs and information and pedestrian facilities on Tenerife’s roads. This criticism reaches virtual unanimity when it comes to areas of Tenerife that have huge numbers of tourists who might be unfamiliar with roads, routes and traffic.

This particular junction is known by drivers as difficult, with traffic coming off a motorway at inevitably high speed, with roads splitting into an access road for the CC Gran Sur and Torviscas Alto, and one for the Miraverde area, another for returning under the motorway to the Fañabe garden centre, and yet another to rejoin the motorway. At one junction where drivers have to crane their necks backwards to see what is coming, the alternative is nothing more than a simple mirror to tell drivers when they have a minute to speed out and join the traffic: anyone then going up past the Rodeo restaurant has little chance to stop if someone is crossing.

The calls for change to the design, access and facilities to this complicated network of roundabouts and junctions around the Gran Sur and Fañabe Garden Centre area are now clarion. Something must be done.


  1. Such a young loss – cash i suppose is the one way we can feel we,re helping, but, what about road engineering – there will be several reasons / excuses theories for this tragedy, possibly including lack of pedestrian crossings – though i myself, in the same area came very close to hurting a young child – at far less than speed limit he shot across the ” crossing” – fact is , the bonkers system of parking either side of crossings means neither drivers or pedestrians can see each other until possibly too late. In meatime, we mourn an avoidable tragic loss.

  2. Very sad. I don’t think road markings will stop the idiots who completely ignore the road signs already there such as speed limits and no turning signs. Even in car parks I regularly witness cars travelling at great speed with no thought for pedestrians. If you are passing through a built up area you should be able to stop within a couple of metres – if you can’t you are going too fast. Police really need to increase speed traps to an extent that these idiots are forced to obey speed limits and road markings.

  3. This is such a sad story. What a dreadful thing to have happened to this poor little boy. My thoughts are with his family who must be absolutley devastated.

    There is a report in the Times today about the accident in which the little boy is named.

    I am not sure whether the layout of that section of the road contributed to this paricular accident or not but suffice it to say, that I agree that it is a very difficult/dangerous layout in a number of places. It needs a radicalmredesign. I was personally involved in an incident where I was driving down Calle Helsinki and someone did not stop at the junction after passing under the motorway. I swerved and damaged my vehicle. Thankfully the other driver came back. The police were very helpful and endorsed my insurance form to confirm that the other party was completely at fault and had not stopped at a stop junction.

    The junction a little further on along Calle Helsinki is even more dangerous. Traffic joining the motorway
    has to cross the stream of traffic exiting the motorway at high speeds.. I have seen no end of accidents at this particular black spot.

    I now try to avoid this section of road layout if possible.

  4. The road designs and signage in Tenerife; in Adeje and area where I am are obviously to most drivers pretty poor, particularly around the access/ingress areas to the TF1 where speeds are highest. The unpoliced speed of some drivers in built up areas is also a tragedy waiting to happen. One could damn lots of particular areas with many criticisms and I echo the clarion call for something to be done before more deaths, maimings and carnage occurs, but the killing of this boy and not stopping is not causing death by dangerous driving it is Manslaughter at least and I hope the Spanish police and courts treat it so.

  5. After living here in Puerto de la Cruz I since okt 1 2017 I have also noticed the lack of pedestrian facilities etc that. Also the fact that a STOP sign do not mean that You have to stop , seems that it means that You should stop only IF there are cars coming. Also have I noticed that if there is a green light for pedestrians and there are no pedestrians crossing, most cars drive on red light. And I was once centimeters from being touched by a car when I was crossing the street on pedestrian green light. He did not even reduce the speed when he noticed me…and I had eye contact with him…so pedestrians…be carefully even on green signal…it seems to be more safe to cross were there are no lights for pedestrians…as long as You move on and takes the first step down on the driveway…usually here in Puerto de la CRuz the driver engages left hand blinkers wich mean that he will stop…BUT check also to Your other side on coming cars…here are many drivers around that have got their drivers licence from a Kellogs Corn Flake pack….

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