Incredible success story with 112 new baby giant lizards for La Gomera

The lizard sanctuary in La Gomera has announced that 112 giant lizards have hatched this year in the centre. They see the numbers as hugely positive, and they compare very favourably with the previous years: in 2010, 37 hatched, and only 8 in 2009. Technicians say that this year’s clutch are in good health and very lively.

The sanctuary has been helped by the Departament of Animal Biology in the University of La Laguna, which has given assistance in cross-breeding, genetics and biometrics. Help has also been received from the lizard sanctuary in El Hierro.

This year’s outstanding success might have been helped by changes in the diet, which has been reinforced this year with alfalfa, pitch trefoil, dandelion and parsley, both leaves and flowers. The lizards were also given lizard-appropriate calcium- and vitamin-enriched fruits prior to the mating season.

With these new hatchlings, La Gomera now has 267 giant lizards, and it is hoped to release some of this new clutch into the wild in the near future. It’s fantastic news for the island, because this particular lizard is one of the most threatened on the planet.

There are some lovely photos and more information about the La Gomera giant lizard HERE.

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