Indian Ratha Yatra festival in Playa de las Américas

The Indian Ratha Yatra festival in Playa de las Américas is now an established annual event, and this year it will be held opposite the Hotel Conquistador from 3pm Saturday 14 21 July and all day Sunday 15 22 July until midnight. The event has its origins in the annual processions known in India as Ratha-Yatra or “festival of the chariots”, a centuries-old and deeply-rooted religious and cultural festival celebrated around the world … and now in Tenerife too.

It’s billed as a “meeting of cultures”, and there will be Indian food, dance, colour, exhibitions, theatre, and music on offer … and the gods will be there too, riding through the procession in the chariots which give the festival its name. Arona says the festival is of huge social value and cultural interest, encouraging multicultural tolerance and respect. It will offer a jolly good time as well!




  1. That’s typical. Well I might still pop down next week as I’ll be in the area,

  2. Author

    They have changed it, unfortunately without informing anyone. I went once and was distinctly underwhelmed. After this, I shan’t be promoting it when they send out future press releases!

  3. Hi Janet went to this today only to find nothing there. Checked on website and it’s actually next weekend Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd!

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