Sanidad issues special monitoring system against possibility of covid19 cases being detected in coming days in view of the huge crowd that gathered for Guía de Isora funeral

Updated 29 May: Sanidad says that it has activated a special monitoring system against the possibility of covid19 cases being detected in coming days following the gathering of a huge crowd for this funeral, and their lack of compliance with many hygiene and distancing requirements. In the face of considerable criticism by Sanidad, Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has repeated its apology for the situation and said that attendance was far greater than expected and as a result far exceeded the security provisions put in place by the council.

Tenerife’s Gerencia de Atención Primaria (Primary Care Management) has issued instructions to health centres to focus on detecting possible links between any suspicious cases they encounter and the funeral. The idea, Sanidad explained, was to try to identify as early as possible any local focus which could if unnoticed become a wider outbreak. Health centres in the south and west of Tenerife have been put on particular notice, but Sanidad recognizes that the size of the group was the result of attendance by motoring group members from a wider area, and so has issued the alert to health centres throughout Tenerife.  

Original post 28 May: There is disbelief and outrage in Tenerife at the funeral which took place on Monday in Guía de Isora of a 36-year-old local who died after a motorcycle accident in Candelaria on Friday last. The council says that it received an application from the deceased man’s motorcycle association to allow a group to gather for the ceremony but had no idea that so many would attend.

“So many” is the least of it! The numbers are perhaps no less an issue than the fact that many aren’t wearing masks, hardly anyone is complying with physical distancing requirements, and many were touching and even kissing the coffin.

Guía de Isora is one of the least affected areas in Tenerife and one of the very few council areas in Tenerife with no active cases. Or it was. After this insanity, it might not be any longer. How many people have failed to bury their own loved ones? How many have been unable to say goodbye at all, let alone with ceremony? We are all being called on to comply with painful rules that require sacrifice: for some, clearly those rules only apply to others.

Naturally, this poor young man’s death is a tragedy, and all sympathies go to his family, friends and loved ones. But this much-viewed video is by any definition a shameful example of “social responsibility”.


  1. Perhaps the Motor Cycle Association should be asked what steps they took (such as a ballot or draw perhaps) to try, at least, to keep the attendance in line with restrictions?

    The Council must have had an inkling, and presumably chose to look the other way.

    The repercussions of this funeral could be grave (pardon the pun) especially if others now choose to have similar scant regard for following the guidance the rest of us have followed?

  2. How Guia cannot know “how many would turn up” from the Motor Cycle Association – is beyond me as there is a motor cycle association gathering once a year that do a “round the island ride” and there are hundreds of bikes that pass through the town of Guia de Isora on this ride. Surely “someone” on the council knows of this. Those that live in Guia certainly do. So why say that they did not know there would be that many attending the funeral. What about all the other funerals that have only been allowed the regulated numbers of mourners as per each de-escalation Phases. This is just horrific for Guia itself, and the rest of the island at this late stage in the proceedings. Disgraceful.

  3. Author

    That was a different incident entirely, not a funeral, and has subsequently been established by Sanidad that it was contained within a different family who had resumed their weekly lunches that had lapsed, and which they restarted on 15 May … without complying with physical distancing requirements imposed on social groupings. This is why I did not report it, because it’s an isolated incident, and completely unconnected with the funeral in this report. To be absolutely clear, and to avoid any fake news, no members of the funeral party have been confirmed as covid positive at all. So far, anyway.

  4. According to Spanish news “A mass funeral procession through the streets of the town of Guía de Isora in Tenerife also ended up with all nine family members contracting Covid-19.”

  5. Too late perhaps to enforce all to get tested. Pray those in Guia don,t suffer knock – on effect from this utterly selfish bunch – looks more like a political stunt than a wake! Police seem missing – yet several occasions up to 5 sets of them lurked on TF 47. Happy to tell them ” on way to Lydl” and to repeat it 40 mins later except in reverse. ! This comment obviously coloured by being just one of the ” vulnerable”. Invisible to the under 45s.

  6. Absolutely ridiculous.. what the hell is wrong with these people are they just that nieve ..or don’t give a damn…a bit of both I would say …yes so sad the death of this young man ..I am a motorcyclist here in tenerife and feel for the family and friends ..but to out so many more lives in danger is just unbelievable!!

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