Missing jet skier confirmed as British national as intense search enters third day and rescue teams call for help from professional divers

Updated 17 June: As the search resumes for the third day, the missing man has been confirmed to In Tenerife as 23-year-old British national Ricardo Scott Valentino Santana, who went missing from his jet ski around 11.30am on Saturday morning off the coast of Palm Mar, Arona. He was wearing red shorts, and his photo is above. Police and search teams are asking for help from divers but to ensure assistance doesn’t interfere with the official search, these divers must be professional, experienced, able to work with rescue teams, and have their own indemnity insurance. Meanwhile, if anyone has any information that could help, or has spotted anything that could be relevant to the search, please call the police on 091 or 062, or emergency services on 112, or one of these three Spanish mobiles: 664 477 409, 673 191 217, or 687 078 042. The British Consulate is assisting and providing support to family and friends while the search continues.

Photo: Salvamento Marítimo.

Updated 10pm: The Coastguard says that as of 8pm the search was called off after a second day’s fruitless efforts. The search will resume by sea and air again tomorrow, from first light.

Original post 16 June: Salvamento Marítimo has been searching the south Tenerife coast since yesterday when a jet ski rider went missing after getting off the vehicle to go for a swim. The search was called off last night but resumed at first light this morning, with various lifeboats and a search and rescue helicopter patrolling the coast and sea in what is being called an intense search that also includes various diving clubs. No details have been provided at present about the missing person other than it is a man.


  1. Author

    Still thinking of you my brother. Today is your birthday. So we celebrate you. I still pray one day we will find you inshallah xx

  2. 8 months and still no news it’s so hard but deep down I know my baby will come home to us miss him so much it hurts had so much to give but one day we will be together

  3. I still look on here everyday.. it’s been way too long since he’s gone missing and still nothing. This all feels too surreal. This cannot be left how it is 🙁

    Always praying

  4. Hey Janet…. so thank let me message understand but I have one son autism disability child And two daughter and one granddaughter…. we miss him so much moment… hard Up say lose my word anything..first time shock lose for him four month

  5. Hello Janet…. I don’t understand about keep along time for my older son 23 years old… now am broken my heart upset lose him for four month and nothing heard any new found… u know better am fully deaf mother not fair enough this. Heard Know ready pass away sad now & never bring home safe nothing happened & am brave mother my pray keep positive & never give up
    Thank you
    Natasha Scott (Ricardo’s mother)

    1. Author

      Oh Natasha I wish I could say something that would help you, or comfort you. They are still looking for Ricardo but the sea is such an unkind and unhelpful environment. I know, though, that if they find him they will know it is him, there’s no chance of them finding him and being unaware of who he is. And if that day comes, when it comes, you will get him back. Keep going … when we’re going through hell it’s all we can do. I’m so sorry I can’t say anything more.

  6. Thinking and praying for Ricardo and Ricardo’s family and friends.

  7. I don’t understand how after so long still nothing it’s very sad I hope for good news very soon bring this young man home

  8. Is there any news on this guy from the UK has he been found?

    1. Author

      Sadly, no. I so wish I could say otherwise, but there is no news, I’m afraid. I repeat my promise to post the minute anything’s released from official sources. And to be crystal clear, there is no information that the media is in possession of that can’t be published. There really is no news. I’m so sorry.

  9. hello ricardo we all love you so much and we all still have you fresh in our memory please by some miracle come home soon bro xx

  10. Ricardo…am fully deaf mother & shock worry about this… please pray bring home safe and we are still be strong positive & think about you anywhere… am worry about my older son 16 days miss never never give up give up… am love son too much & don’t want lose again
    Love mum xx

  11. I was on holiday and saw the extensive search going on. Been back a week and keep checking for updates. Praying he is found safe and well. Sending my love to the family, I can only imagine what you are going through.
    Jaki xx

  12. Rico I’m so scared and hope you are okay. I just want you to come back home, it’s worrying me that there’s been no updates but I still have faith. I haven’t really seen you for over a year and I feel bad, I just want to know that you’re okay. Please come back safely x

  13. Words cannot express the pain with just the thought of you not being here Ricardo. My hearts weighs so heavy. I’m constantly Coming back to this page and everywhere else I could find. Janet, thank you so much for the updates. It’s so hard to eat sleep or even do the basic things and seeing everyone’s hope and strength in this means everything. My heart goes out to his family, friends and everyone who knows him and has been affected by this. Ricardo is spiritual, he has his faith and he believes.. we can only do the same and know that our prayers will bring him home. I pray for your safe return and just know you have and always be forever in my heart Rico.

  14. Ricardo I know I haven’t been to sulgrave in a while but you were my favourite person there. Azel is heartbroken and we hope you’re safe.

  15. Thank you Janet
    I come back to this page every hour or so just to see if any updates and I Google I look everywhere I can
    I’m trying to help my daughter though this
    There is some prays and roses being thrown into Thames later today a big gathering light some candles keeping the hope going but my daughter can’t face it she feels if this happens then he has passed and she not ready for that we going to Thames tonight to put our own roses in and light a candle more private it’s been 6 days now and nothing I believe he is alive somewhere and that’s what we working with until facts say other wise she has read many comments saying rip bro NO until there are facts and proof of this there is always hope
    I have shared everything on Facebook also asking people to come together anywhere on the Thames if Woolwich is to far and put a rise in and pray
    So that’s what me and Leanne going to do later a private roses and candle so she won’t be in Woolwich as she can’t face that yet but she will be there sending love hope and strength to all family and friends especially Ricardo cone home boy your dearly loved and missed praying a safe return

  16. Keep coming back here. Not missed one day. Hoping for an update. Even if it’s tiny. Just something.
    I’m really praying you get back to everyone. ?❤️
    I miss you lance ?

    1. Author

      These situations are always terrible for people waiting for information, and I feel so sorry for people waiting desperately for news. When there is nothing to post in such cases I always wonder whether it’s better to post to say that, or be silent to avoid making people think “oh no” when it’s just “there’s still no news”. But then again silence can be just as worrying for people because they don’t know if they’ve missed some news, or whether the story has just not been updated. Sadly I can confirm that at present there really is no further news, and I guarantee that I will post as soon as there is any official information of any sort.

  17. Big love Ricardo, come back to us at Sulgrave with your gorgeous smile and energy, Hanna xxx

  18. Ricardo, I saw you on BBC News. I got really worried for you I hope your safe. Please come back to sulgrave.

  19. Ricardo, please return safely and unharmed every one is worried sick for you, we hope your ok.

  20. We were on the beach the morning all the searching started near Los Christianos we hope and pray for his safe return to his family and everyone else who loved this man he sounds like an incredible young man we leave this beautiful island on Friday keeping you all in our thoughts lots of love and prayers
    Theresa and Nick

  21. Rico please come home we all miss u and club will never be the same without you sta strong and keep fighting ???❤️??

  22. Praying a safe return for this young man my daughter Leanne is in bits worrying for her friend it just don’t seem real how could this happen ? Where ever you are hold on in there help is coming sending all my love thoughts and prays to give all your friends and family the strength to hang on in there stay positive
    Xxx xxx come home

  23. Please come back Ricardo, everyone in Sulgrave are devastated even your friends and family and everyone else are , we all want you to come back to us to tell us this was a joke, jigglypuff miss you loads and love from jigglypuff❤️X
    Love from Emina?x

  24. Love you❤️ Chysianna ??⭐️

  25. InshaAllah he’s safe and returns home safe and sound . May the lord give him ease and comfort and InshaAllah brings him back .

  26. I’m actually scared that this is happening everyone at Sulgrave is praying that you return safely you’re like a big brother to and I just want the laugh and the positive vibes that you give to Sulgrave please get back safely


  27. Ricardo please come home will all miss you ❤
    Savanna xx

  28. Ricardo please come home ???
    We all miss you, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family❤️

  29. Ricardo I hope your safe and healthy bro we need you back at sulgrave x from Dylan

  30. Bro we need you back!!! Your like a lil bro to me and we need you home safe!! Prayers to all the family!!! #staystrong #faithforricardo

  31. I’m sending all my love and prayers,hoping this isn’t real ❤️ We all love you so much,please come back

  32. Ricardo hope you return safely we are all praying for u pls come back we all miss u loads xx courtney

  33. Am in Tenerife and have seen the daily searching take place… so, so sad to hear! ?Sending best wishes and prayers to the family and friend of this young man. ??

  34. Ricardo, please just come back. I am praying you are alive and healthy. I know you will return back to us.


  35. Ricardo I’m hoping and praying for your safe return, you’re such a happy person, I want to see you back at Sulgrave xxx Carol

  36. Ridardo, everyone is devastated and is praying for you to return safely. Such a big hearted person who kept everyone positive. We all love you??Love from kerryanne x

  37. Ricardo I hope you return safely ii hope none of this isn’t tru x
    I hope you are out there safe and sound x erin

  38. Im praying that you’re ok Ricardo . Hope that this isn’t real

  39. This can’t be real, not our Ricardo
    Praying you come back safe x Moe

  40. Ricardo family and friends are desperate to know your safety.
    This can’t be real.
    Love from shan xxx

  41. Ricardo, everyone at the Sulgrave Youth Club is worried and desperate for you to return safely. The young people are calling, asking after you and hoping this isn’t real.

    You’re in our thoughts & prayers

    Love from us all at Sulgrave xxx

  42. All our prayers for such a big hearted young man. Best friend of my Son. We all feel devastated. We pray to god he will find by rescuwers.
    I am in contact with my son who still in Tenerife. He is very traumatised and isdoing everything to assist.

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