Introducing moderator Mencey

I’d just like to thank Mencey who will now help in moderating comments and questions after today, which has been simply insane with people asking for information in a comment on the post where the information was already available and clear. I simply do not have the time to spend what has become, today, four hours answering questions from people who simply cannot be asked to read the information already posted. So if you see any replies from Mencey they are on behalf of me and In Tenerife.  


  1. Brilliant!! I’m loving Mencey’s quick witted replies already 🙂
    You should maybe think about introducing hilarity face emoji for Mencey Janet. I predict we’re in for some top notch regal humor. 😉

  2. Excellent idea Janet, you spend so many hours updating us with important information, which is always gratefully received. Please continue to take your free time to enjoy the Island, not answer unnecessary ‘twaddle’.

    1. Author

      Thank you Sue, although going out to enjoy the island is not fashionable during a pandemic.

  3. Long overdue! Good luck Mencey, I fear you may need it

  4. Wonderful idea. Best wishes to you and Mencey and good luck with those who cannot be asked!

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