Iranian couple badly injured when quad bike overturns in the Teide caldera

An Iranian couple was injured today when their quad overturned on the TF21 through the Teide caldera. Emergency services say that they were called out at 6pm with reports that the vehicle had left the road and thrown its occupants out as it overturned into a small barranco in the Valle Ucanca area. Medical personnel attending the scene found the woman, 30 years old, had received serious back injuries and after being stabilized at the scene, she was transferred by helicopter to Candelaria Hospital. Her partner, also 30 years old, received considerable leg wounds in the accident. Involved in the rescue operation were Bomberos de Tenerife, CECOPIN ( Centro de Coordinación del Operativo Insular contra Incendios Forestales), National Park personnel, Guardia Civil and La Orotava Policía Local.

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