Irish man arrested in Las Galletas for threatening English neighbours

Update 25 May: Arona Court 4 has issued a restraining order obliging this Irish man, now identified as Eamonn Macsiobhne, to stay at least 500m away from those who denounced him until his case comes to Court. Since the couple he intimidated are his next door neighbours, it will require him to leave his apartment in the block, but the Court considered that the incident was sufficiently grave that such a cautionary order was necessary. The prosecution meanwhile is asking for a custodial sentence of 9 months for issuing serious threats, while the defence is alleging provocation, at least in part, by the English couple. A spokesman for those who issued the denuncias said that they were relieved at the judgment.

Original post 24 May:  The Guardia Civil arrested an Irish man yesterday for threatening his English neighbours in a residential block of apartments in Las Galletas. The police acted after several residents denounced several instances of angry and intimidating behaviour in the early hours.  On Wednesday night, this is said to have culminated in the English couple being insulted, shouted at, and threatened with death after meeting the man in the lift, an incident that continued throughout the night outside the door to their apartment. On one of these occasions, the man apparently appeared naked, banging and kicking the door and eventually sticking a knife into it. Residents say the whole thing could have turned out very seriously.


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  1. un hombre que anda por los bares mas conflictivos y de pues ataca a gente inocente…..por colmo desnudo y con cuchillos es un peligro por la sociedad!!! a mi me quería corta con el cuchillo la cabeza y hacer guarradas con mi cadáver!!!
    Gracias a la guardia civil y los cnp porque ellos ayudaban mucho este noche. Miedo es un a palabra que si lo vive acaba con todos en un desgracia. Jennifer, x

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