Tragedy as Irishman drowns in Callao Salvaje

Tragedy as Irishman drowns in Callao Salvaje

The poor man has been named as father of two Fergus Patrick O’Reilly from west Dublin. The woman who was also treated was his wife. She is now making arrangements with Irish consular officials to have his body flown back to Ireland. His body is likely to be repatriated later this week after an autopsy has taken place. Irish Independent

Originally Posted 26 December: Yesterday, a Christmas Day swimmer’s life was saved, but today, a 38-year-old Irishman drowned around 3.30pm this afternoon in Callao Salvaje. His body was spotted by several passers-by who called emergency services, saying also that one bather was trying to retrieve it from the sea. Helicopters were scrambled and managed to recover the poor man, who was confirmed as already dead. He was taken to the Bomberos heliport in Adeje where the Guardia Civil took over responsibility.

The emergency services also assisted a 41-year-old woman who was affected badly by the incident. She was taken to Adeje Health Centre by ambulance. As has been noted in the case of the still-missing soldier, Callao Salvaje beach has a notoriously strong undertow.   Canarias7


  1. This man was a gentleman among men! He was blessed in life with his beautiful family, wife and two little girls. This is a incomprehensible tragedy – may he rest in peace!……….

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