Guardia Civil investigation finds no evidence of lack of help for irregular immigrant worker

The Guardia Civil is charging a Playa Paraiso bar owner with violating workers’ rights, though there will be no charges in respect of withholding assistance from an employee who had suffered a heart attack and who subsequently died.

As posted yesterday, post immediately below, the victim’s son had accused the bar owner of dragging his father outside so as to avoid being connected with the employment of staff in an irregular situation in Tenerife. The Guardia Civil, however, say that neither the family of the dead man nor witnesses to the events had expressed any suspicion about a lack of help by the bar’s owner, and that despite press reports of a recent denuncia by the victim’s son, no such formality had been undertaken.

Indeed, it appears that the principal witness, a Columbian neighbour, gave evidence to the Guardia Civil on 29 July that the bar owner attempted to assist his employee, including attempting mouth to mouth resuscitation, while waiting for emergency services to arrive. Moreover, two days after the death, the son made a declaration to the Guardia Civil about his father’s irregular status in Tenerife, but made no reference to any lack of help. Canarias24Horas

Original Post 12 August: Yet another case has come to light of unscrupulous businessmen who employ illegal immigrants. Only recently a Bolivian man was left on the doorstep of a Tenerife hospital by his employer after losing an arm in the bakery in which he worked, and now a Guardia Civil investigation is under way into the death of 56-year-old Luis Beltrán Larrosa Conde, an “irregular” Uruguayan immigrant.

According to Sr Larrosa’s son, Pablo, his father died on 25 June as a result of lack of assistance when he suffered a heart attack while working as a repair man in a bar in Playa Paraiso. Appalling as it seems, instead of calling emergency services, his employer dragged him onto the street so that he should not be implicated in using irregular immigrant workers. He was apparently seen by a neighbour who remonstrated that the sick man should not be moved, but despite arguing that he was helping someone who merely needed some air, he proceeded to remove the man’s working clothes.

For Pablo, this clearly demonstrates that the bar owner, apparently an ex national police officer, acted purely to avoid getting into trouble himself, and that he had no concern whatsoever for the perilous state of his employee’s health. Emergency services were eventually called by the neighbour who had initially intervened, but Sr Larrosa died later in Hospiten Sur. Pablo issued a denuncia against the bar’s owner on 4 August, and police investigations continue into the circumstances of the death.   Canarias24Horas,  Diario de Avisos

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