Is there a doctor in the … island?

Update 25 February: It’s still speculative, but the best money is on the Teide national Park near where Clash of the Titans was filmed, and Garachico. In fact, the Garachico filming could be tomorrow. It does seem, though, that it’s possible the filming involves Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez rather than the Dr himself.

Original post 24 February: It’s still speculative, but in terms of time travelling through the universe, perhaps reality is relative anyway. Fans are reporting that a Dr Who team is filming in Tenerife right now, and although confirmation is hard to come by, they have acquired a photo of an itinerary for the current series involving Tenerife this week. It seems that scenes are presently being set ready for filming in Parque García Sanabria in the centre of Santa Cruz, and at least one crew member appears to be staying in the El Nogal Spa Htel in Vilaflor, though whether purely as an accommodation base or a further filming location is unclear. No doubt all will become clear … or maybe not … but it might be worth keeping an eye out this week for a Tardis in Tenerife, or even the Dr himself!


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