ISE Language School offer for British residents to broaden their horizons as jobs pressure increases

The ISE Tenerife language school’s Head of Studies, Dr Kathryn Lupson, says that following Brexit, many British people are living here in an uncertain situation as many do not speak Spanish and will be unable to obtain a contract with a Spanish company or work in their usual jobs due to closure forced by the pandemic. She and her colleagues have noticed a clear interest in learning Spanish and are now considering offering basic, intermediate and advanced Spanish courses online for groups of British residents, especially in south Tenerife where, she says, there is little to help people in a systematic way.

The schools stayed open during the lockdown by successfully moving online within a week. Online lessons are comprehensive, dynamic and interactive, and indeed are unique in that the school has its own Learning Platform offering extra resources, activities and opportunities to interact with Spanish speakers on a regular basis after the lessons which, many will be pleased to know, intend to be as interesting and relevant as possible with conversation classes that are less grammar-intensive and writing classes with more grammatical formality.  

ISE Tenerife has a website HERE with full information about courses, materials, staff, and contact details for any enquiries. I know as a national characteristic language learning is not one of our strongest points, but there really not be a better or more important time to consider it!

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