Islas Airways cancels all flights

The Canaries regional airline, Islas Airways,  has announced that it has cancelled all flights with immediate effect. The company blames rival airline Binter for its problems, alleging that unfounded complaints about irregular trading have stifled it financially, costing it millions in unpaid subsidies while the denuncias were investigated. The airline says the move is temporary, and it hopes to resume services, but for the moment, there is a customer information page HERE with details of refund arrangements for passengers.

Those who bought their tickets from a travel agency should contact that agency directly. Anyone who bought tickets from an airport ticket desk or by phone or online from the airline direct should send an email to with the ticket or reference number, passenger name, ID and itinerary. Refunds should take a few days. The airline also has a customer service number, 902 477 478, for any questions.




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