It pays to contact the councils …

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Adeje Ayuntamiento says that while some things might not change overnight, the council does listen and act when it needs to.

The latest case involves a street outside Res. Sol Paraiso in Playa Paraiso which had terrible problems with illegal parking along Calle Las Galgas. Local resident David Ratcliffe had advised the council that “the complex is accessed by three main doors and a 2 garage access off Calle Las Galgas which is a very narrow two-way road, which is tight at the best of times and is made more difficult and dangerous by people parking their cars on the only pedestrian walkway available, causing pedestrians to walk in the road, this also causes blind spots for us when exiting our garages.”

Ratcliffe said there had been a number of near misses and the problem was even worse at night “because people can’t be bothered to park in available parking spaces nearby.” The councillor responsible for road safety, Andrés Peréz Ramos, sent the head of traffic down to have a meeting on site and he agreed that there was indeed a problem, and a need for a permanent solution. And now that has happened, with council workers arriving this week and installing a series of metal posts along the narrow street making any parking along the pavement impossible.

The council congratulates David Ratcliffe for taking the time to alert them about the problem, and continues that it thanks him for his patience in allowing the council to resolve the problem in a proper and long-term manner. The council says “it might have taken a month or two, but these things do take a bit of time, with the logistics being assessed, budgets allocated and work schedules permitting”. In my own opinion, however, a month or two is no time at all for a response from the authorities, and it’s Adeje Ayuntamiento which deserves congratulations for acting so proactively and so speedily.

As the council says, it really does pay to contact them, and I think that the small, hands-on, and ultra-local nature of these Ayuntamientos is something we might all bear in mind when we see things that we think need to be changed or improved.


  1. They should also look at their zebra crossings, some have a dropped kerb on one side but not on the other making it impossible for those using mobility scooters/wheelchairs or push chairs to cross in safety.
    I did email the council last November whilst in Los Gigantes but didn’t get a reply.
    Sorry, but I will not be coming this year.

  2. I should do the same with littering, but here in San Isidro they don’t seem to mind open air dumps.

  3. Excellent. Well done Adeje Ayuntamiento.

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