It’s more fowl than foul play in La Laguna’s La Verdellada barrio!

Photo: Asociaciones del Barrio de La Verdellada.

The crowing cockerel is associated with St Peter’s denial of Christ so La Laguna’s La Verdellada area might be wishing that their own crowing cockerel problem were also over with the end of Easter. But no. Hundreds of chickens and cockerels have taken up residence in the area, and apart from the smell are noticeable by the noise they make. Residents say that they’ve given up on the idea of sleep, but that they don’t want the poultry evicted.

Residents call, instead, for La Laguna Ayuntamiento to introduce some mechanism to house them and regulate their home. The growth of the colony has occurred suddenly from a few chickens a few years ago to some 500 or so now. The Ayuntamiento has to do something, say residents who like the birds, but say that it’s not a private matter when the hens are on the roads causing accidents from drivers trying to avoid them. Also, the residents wouldn’t mind just getting a bit of sleep some night soon!



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