Radioactive piece found in La Laguna finca was from 1977 crash of two Jumbo Jets in TFN Los Rodeos

Updated 27 August: Police have confirmed today that the radioactive item found in La Laguna was a piece of one of the Boeing 747s involved in the horrendous tragedy at TFN Los Rodeos in 1977. The radioactive reading was confirmed by the bomb disposal unit TEDAX as a “control surface counterweight” used in commercial planes and made from depleted uranium.

Original post 24 August: A local La Laguna man made what he felt was a disturbing discovery yesterday when he found what seemed to be a piece of a plane in his allotment. He called emergency services, and was even more disturbed when all hell seemed to break loose and the piece was declared radioactive, triggering a Canarian Government Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias protocol defined by the Plan de Atención de Emergencias por Riesgo Radiológico (RADICAN).

The object at issue is some 20cm long by 10cm wide and it was cordoned off while preliminary measurements were taken of any radiological emissions. These measurements showed positive for radioactivity but with minimal values. The dwelling adjacent to the finca has been evacuated as a precaution while technicians from the Canarian Government’s Consejería de Energía, Industria, Comercio y Conocimiento evaluate the object further today.


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    The only explanation I have is the one I posted, that the part is made from depleted uranium, so although not hazardous, it does give off minimal radioactive readings.

  2. I dont understand why part of a plane would be radioactive??

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