It’s the depth of winter in Loro Parque – at least in the Penguinarium!

It’s the depth of winter in Loro Parque – at least in the Penguinarium!

Photo: Turismo Tenerife.

Whatever the controversies over the dolphins and orcas, the Loro Parque foundation has done enormous good for environmental purposes, especially when it comes to birds, some species of which it has saved from extinction. And one particular species of bird has found an amazing home in the park, where the penguinarium hosts the largest colony of penguins outside Antarctica in an environment that offers real snow and a huge iceberg in facilities that are considered the best human reproduction of the natural living conditions of these curious and amusing animals.

The park has released the following video of how a real winter has arrived at Planet Penguin even as Tenerife experiences mid-summer.  Loro Parque says that the penguins “find themselves in a significantly darker environment with lower temperatures as dim light perfectly recreates the Antarctic winter season for these animals that receive the best care by their keepers. A perfect example to it is that penguins voluntarily collaborate with the veterinarians of Loro Parque who control their weight and conduct the corresponding analysis.”

I am one who wishes there was no seaworld connection for what is, in my opinion, a fantastic park which carries out ground-breaking and environmentally-priceless work … so please let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to criticism.

This is just really lovey …

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