JA In Tenerife is now a recognized press site

Thanks to the Tenerife Cabildo, I am now a recognized press site, part of the official media in Tenerife. Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog!


  1. Many congratulations Janet and well deserved ! I have lived here for 10 years and am an avid follower of your site. I find the information incredibly interesting and very useful, not only do you cover so many varied topics, but with great accuracy too. Well done and long may you continue, saludos, Ann, Arona

  2. Yes Janet. Well deserved, congratulations.

  3. Felicitations, c’est la récompense bien méritéee pour votre travail quotidien. Encore bravo !!!!

    Jean Cordier de Paris.

  4. Hello Janet
    It sounds as though congratulations are in order.
    Please excuse my ignorance, but what does it mean to be part of the official media in Tenerife.

  5. Hi Janet

    I still have a copy of THE BEST OF THE TENERIFE TALL TALES for you here. If I can’t mail it, where could I leave it?

    Best wishes from… Tony

  6. Author

    Ken, it means I’m recognized as a press “source”, like a newspaper, an originator of news rather than just a translator of what appears in papers. Someone did ask me if it meant there were now some sort of strings attached, and the answer is no, it makes absolutely no difference to the type of things I post, nor obligates me in any way.
    Tony, I’ll get back to you if I may.

  7. Congratulations Janet -very well deserved!

  8. Congratulations Janet

    Recognition for your efforts over the years is long overdue.

  9. Great news Janet! Well done!

  10. Very well done Janet, and I would add – about time too!

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