TFS reopened after Jet2 Manchester flight’s landing gear problem closed airport this afternoon

Photo: Controladores

Photo: Aeropuertos Tenerife

Updated 7.20pm: TFS has been reopened, the airport authorities have announced in the last few minutes. The runway is clear and flights which had been diverted en route are already back on course to land in south Tenerife.

Updated 6.30pm: TFS will remain closed until midnight due to Jet2 flight A330 G-VYGL blocking runway after damaging landing gear and tyres on landing.

Updated 5.50pm: The Jet2 Airbus is currently being removed from the runway. Traffic controllers say that TFN has become congested with diverted incoming flights so now flights are being diverted to Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. There will be no regulation of arrivals in TFS until 10pm local time and so far 19 flights have been diverted. I’m afraid I don’t know what that means for flights still delayed in UK airports.

Original post 27 June 5pm: Traffic controllers say that problems with the landing gear of a Jet2 flight from Manchester have caused TFS to close temporarily. Nine flights are on approach, and three are being diverted to TFN Los Rodeos and Gran Canaria, the other six will continue to be assessed through the approach. The problem arose when the plane was landing at 2.30pm, and it remains on the runway (above). Thankfully there are no injuries or damages to report.

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  1. Sat on the runway at Gran Canaria for 2 hours yesterday evening; should have been in Tenerife. The Monarch captain was great. Nothing he could do but divert. The annoying bit was waiting on the stand on the runway for nearly an hour when we arrived at Tenerife for the airport bus to take us 300 metres to the terminal. That took longer than the flight from Gran Canaria. Glad I wasn’t on the Jet 2 flight when the tyres burst!

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