John Palmer has died

John Palmer has died

Update 6 August: Essex police have faced widespread criticism, and indeed ridicule, for originally announcing that John Palmer’s death was due to natural causes despite the body seemingly being peppered with bullets. Later, suspicions seemed to be roused that he could have been involved in his own death to avoid the further 15-year sentence he was facing in Spain. Now a man has been arrested for “conspiracy to murder”, rather than murder as such, though it’s unknown whether police suspect that Palmer himself was part of the “conspiracy”. Curiouser and curiouser, as they say.

Original post 27 June: Spanish (and now UK) media is reporting the death of John Palmer, aged 64, well-known timeshare boss in Tenerife from years gone by. Mainly known for the development of Tenerife Royal Garden, accusations of timeshare fraud, and involvement in the Brinks Mat robbery at Heathrow airport in 1983. Palmer served time in the UK, but a heart condition and recent operation meant that he was probably ill-placed to be told that he now faced a further 15-year sentence in Spain for continuing criminal activities from his cell in a UK prison. Apparently he died last Wednesday of a heart attack at home in Brentwood, Essex.


  1. Janet it is reported in the UK press today that Palmer was shot in his garden the medics originally missed the gunshot wounds!

  2. Author

    Yes, I was reading it with disbelief myself! The obvious first interpretation is that the medics missed the fact that there was, apparently, more than one shotgun wound to the chest, which is so implausible and makes them look so ridiculous that something else must surely be going on. Maybe the police, whom the medics must surely, really, have called, were holding back on releasing that fact while they had a few days before it leaked out to investigate possible links …

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